Marc - Curriculum Vitae

Frontend Developer / Fullstack Nodejs developer


For contact please email bewater(at)

Based in: Amsterdam, Netherlands





Attention to details

Calm, Pragmatic and forward-thinking

Friendly, relaxed, with a touch of Dutch directness

Professional Experience


Freelance Developer

Citizen Voice

Client: TU Delft

I was asked by a professor at TU Delft to assist a group of student in a software project. In the project I served multiple roles, managing, teaching/assisting and working on the codebase of a digital survey tool build with Python/Django and Vue/Nuxtjs. The tool was designed to facilitate public participation in urban planning by collecting data directly from citizens. I managed the project, provided guidance to the students, and ensured the tool was open-source for widespread use. More info on the project: Citizen-Voice

Tech: Python, Django, Vue 3, Nuxt 2, Tailwind ccs, Postgress, Maplibre


Helping out a new web agency called KB+PM with their projects and getting from the ground.

Because it was/is a start-up company, I helped not only with development, but also with streamlining project management, scrum workflow and the design process.

Building their website:

  • Solo dev project
  • Nuxtjs (JS static site generator on Vue.js)
  • Netlify/Github for continuous deployment

Tech: Vue 3, Tailwind ccs, Nuxt 2

VICE Media

A custom website builder for event pages. With a custom CMS the client is capable to build and rearrange a website with modulair components.

  • Lead frontend dev
  • Setting up global state management with Vue js v3 Composition API
  • Creating the frontend logic and styling of the CMS
  • Building multiple modulair components

Tech: Vue 3, Tailwind ccs, Laravel


Helping out with building a react native app.

  • Creating models, views and components

Tech: React native, styled-components, TypeScript, Expo

Apr 2019 - Mar 2000

Frontend developer at BNNVARA


Worked mostly to optimise and enhancing the BNNVARA website and build single page applications for advertisement or educational purposes.

  • Lead team developer
  • Creating GraphQL Apollo endpoints to connect with the backend.
  • Building and extending react components
  • Finding and implementing ways to increase loading speed
  • Building custom video player
  • Creating react apps with nextjs for campaigns
  • Scrum workflow

Tech: Styled-components, React, JavaScript ES8, Typescript, Jest (testing), Next.js, GrapQL, Apollo, lerna monorepo, Git, Gitlab, docker

Sep 2019 - May 2019

Freelance Developer

Garage Noord website


  • Solo dev project
  • Worked with the client and a designer to build a website for Garage Noord (nightclub/restaurant)
  • Build a React website with Next.js react framework for static site generation
  • Built with TinaCMS for content management (a git based CMS solution)

Tech: Styled-components, React, JavaScript ES8, Ramda, GrapQL, Framer-motion, TinaCMS, Next.js, Git, Github

Eurosong Festival website

Client: Greenberry - AVROTROS


  • Lead developer
  • Did 90% of the website
  • Used Storybook to build the complete component library
  • Connected frontend to headless CMS (datoCMS)
  • Setup a modular structure to handle and order different content types from the CMS

Tech: Emotion, React, JavaScript ES8, Ramda, Cypress, Jest, Storybook, Gatsby, Git, Gitlab, Headless CMS

Lifestyle and Travel

  • Solo project
  • Setting up docker and server environment
  • Building up the CMS and backend with Strapi CMS( a open-source Node based Headless CMS)
  • Building the frontend with Gatsby and React

Tech: Styled Components, React, JavaScript ES8, Node, Docker, Nginx, Git, Github

May 2018 – Aug 2019

Web Developer at UNC INC

LittleBitz (React Native app)


  • Building the frontend styling and architecture
  • Setting up Api integration and middleware

Tech: React Native, ES8, Redux, Styled Components, Git, Docker, Scrum

Oranje Fonds


  • Creating and maintaining frontend styling/functionality and Twig templating of multiple Oranje Fonds campaign websites

Tech: CSS3, Sass, JavaScript ES6, jquery, PHP, Drupal 8, Twig, Git, Gulp, Docker, Scrum

Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven, Green Leaders & Business Scan

  • Building 2 new platforms on an existing site
  • Frontend styling, architecture and Blade templating
  • Optimizing, organizing and converting old CSS to Sass
  • Basic PHP MVC logic

Tech: CSS3, Sass, JavaScript ES6, JQuery, git, CSS animations, Laravel, PHP, Symfony, Docker

Luggage Care


  • Helped out with building the frontend React App

Tech: CSS3, Sass, React, Redux, JavaScript ES8, Git, Docker

University of Amsterdam, OOR

  • Created a React survey

Tech: CSS3, Sass, React, Redux, JavaScript ES6, Git, Docker

Tropen Museum


  • Frontend templating and styling
  • CSS transitions and animations
  • Basic PHP MVC logic

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript ES6, PHP, Drupal, Twig

Bits of Freedom

  • Static html site

Tech: CSS3, JS, HTML3

March 2017 – Feb 2018

Frontend Developer at Egotribe

Rijksoverheid, Het zorg verhaal

  • Build an interactive 3D map
  • Frontend styling
  • CSS animations and React transitions

Tech: React, Redux, Sass, Git


  • Build the frontend of multiple KLM campaign websites reaching from static sites to Dynamic PHP sites.
  • Setting up Gulp task management scripts

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, TWIG, Gulp, Git

Little Big Speakers


  • Building a Single Page App
  • Building modals, Vue transitions and CSS animations
  • Solo project

Tech: Vue js, Vuex, Sass, Git

Destination Yamaha motors


  • Setting up frontend styling and architecture

Tech: Sass, Responsive, JQuery, OOP, PHP, Wordpress, git



  • Frontend styling

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, Wordpress

Oct 2015 – March 2017

Freelance Developer

De Speld


  • Solo web dev project
  • Building an new redesigned website from the ground up
  • Responsive and cross-browser
  • Maintenance, speed, UX and SEO optimization

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Compass, PHP, Wordpress, Jquery, Javascript, Git, Responsive, Mailchimp

Do Ya Feng

  • Solo dev project
  • Wordpress e-commerce site

Place 2 Focus & Leff-ondersteuning

  • Solo dev project
  • Wordpress website
  • Build with an atomic design approach

Tech: Wordpress, Responsive, atomic design, styleguide, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Gulp, Git

June 2015 – July 2016

Frontend Developer at VICE (media)

  • Building, maintaining, and optimising multiple Wordpress blogs connected to the VICE media network

May 2014 – June 2015

Digital product manager at VICE (media)

  • Task management
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Leading the build of a international indoor software product


Dutch Native Speaker

English Advanced


I Have a profound interest in development it self, skateboarding, Ⓐ, Solar punk, music, vinyl records, art and cultural activities.

Thank u for reading.